Wenso Ashby


Wenso Ashby - Songwriter Producer Pianist

Welcome to Wenso Ashby's site! Wenso's driving energy continues forward as an amazing pianist and prolific composer, creating music  characterized by instrumental rhythmic understructure with solo and ensemble improvisations.

Wenso Ashby’s continued love affair with music and especially the piano inspires him to compose smooth melodic music that creates a relaxing mood. The shades and hues added by the horns and strings are picture perfect as Wenso Ashby’s control of the keys create a romantic yet energetic force on the contemporary jazz scene.

With further experimentation, Wenso has released his latest CD "Artistry." He is very proud to have moved in an uncharted direction toward an all instrumental tribute to the masters, including Joe Sample and Duke Ellington. Composing this album has been an unbelievable feeling for him...the timing of this record could not be more perfect.