Wenso Ashby


The Lab http://thelabspps.com/

Today, I had a tremendous experience at the Lab with students and staff. In his capacity as a Creative Arts Specialist for the Lab, Shay Glorious L. Martin a.k.a. Supa Pesh! a.k.a. Glo invited me to speak with and share my talents with the students who attend the Lab. After connecting with the students and discussing that their own personal success starts inside of them, just as it starts inside for me and for you, I had the opportunity to sing Whitney Houston's The Greatest Love of All, Mariah Carey's Hero and our very own song Keep Dreaming that my sister co-wrote. The students were responsive, repeating in chorus “MY SUCCESS STARTS WITH ME!” Afterwards, we broke off into small groups where some students attended a hip-hop dance group, and others went to writing groups. In the group I attended, we wrote about how decisions that we made long ago shape who we are today. The students had powerful thoughts and insights to share! This opportunity was very fulfilling and I learned so much from this experience and from the students. They were genuine, open to learning, serious yet fun and great kids all around. The Lab created a wonderful environment that was conducive to the positive and up-building interactions that preteens and teens need to channel energy into creative avenues, i.e. music, writing, dancing, photography, visual arts, poetry, yoga and more! Again, thank you to Glo, to the Lab Director Mary Tinucci, the staff: Tess, Jason, Kyle, and the volunteers including Noah, intern Kelly, the dance instructor, and most of all, to the Lab students! Thank you goes out to Wenso Ashby for his support.