Wenso Ashby


Artistry - This is a must for chilling

Artistry explores Wenso Ashby’s continued love affair with music and especially the piano. Wenso is very proud to be heading in an uncharted direction toward an all instrumental tribute to the masters, including Joe Sample and Duke Ellington. Composing this album has been an unbelievable feeling for him and the timing of this album could not be more perfect.

Midnite Walkin

Wenso Ashby, one of the most dynamic and inventive contemporary jazz artists has released his long awaited album Midnite Walkin'. This 12 song disc will take you on a musical journey of joy and peace. Wenso Ashby brings to you Contemporary Jazz with Soul. A sound that you must experience for yourself.

Love Is So Amazing/AfterDark - CD

This cd can be purchased in concert or online at: cdbaby.com, www.itunes.com, www.bestbuy.com or any online store.

The Moment of Truth - CD

This is our latest CD and features the best of each of us. The Moment of Truth is a point that we all reach in life, that is the moment you realize who and what you are. I believe GOD has blessed each and everyone of us. Each day when I get to share my gift with anyone is truly a great day for me. Wenso Ashby

Soulfully Yours

Unlike my smooth jazz albums, this work is a reflection of my producing side in me.  There is a range of musical styles from Hip Hop to Christian with a rock influence.

Artistry II Reloaded - Positive engergy from musicians that love music

The follow up album to Artistry adds some flavor that can help delight your imagination as you journey through life from day to day.  This album is meant to help relax after a stressful day as well as to touch you in a peaceful and pleasant manner with the hopes of bringing you a positive vibe. 

Wenso Ashby  2019l